m68k smoketest waveform

MC68000 softcore smoke test

I have 5 articles waiting to finish and publish, most of them are touching theoretcal approach of the Nexi microcomputer. But I am too impatient, I want to run something! I have decided to make a smoke test of my chosen m68k. This is a starting point, most of the work will be a development […]


Crosscompiling go with C library on powerpc64

Recently, we wanted to use go language to write an application for our powerpc64 board. This is not an issue, since go supports crosscompiling out of the box. But to increase performance, we decided to use C sqlite3 bindings with go-sqlite3. Unfortunately, when crosscompiling, we ran into error:

This is most likely because it tries […]

Practical computer design

Couple of months ago I ran into idea of modifing some existing old CPU into a multicore processor. The idea developed into building my own computer, with MPU, ethernet, wifi and LCD.  This blog series is intended to be a jottings of my work. The idea is to create some simple system using some ready […]